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Over 80 cheat sheets for Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Software Development and associated Project Management. The table is searchable. 

Python 3.8 Cheat SheetPythonTutorial 24/7
SQL Server Integration ServerSSIS, SQL ServerIntellipaat
OpenCV CheatSheet - All  you want to knowOpenCV, PythonAnalytics Vidhya
OpenCV 2.1 Cheat Sheet (C++)OpenCV, C++, Computer VisionOverAPI
OpenCV for PythonComputer Vision, OpenCV, PythonGithub
Keras Cheat SheetPython, KerasDataCamp
Octave ForgeOctaveSourceForge
Octave Cheat SheetOctaveHuy Hoang-Nguyen
Swift 5.1 Cheat SheetSwift 5.1Ray Wenderlich
ReactJS Cheat SheetReactJSGitHub Contributors
Power BI Visuals  ReferencePower BISQLBI
Scala Cheat SheetScalaCodecentric
MATLAB Fundamentals - Tools CourseMATLABETH Zurich, by Res Johr
Data wrangling with Dataframes.jlJulia, dataframes, data wranglingTom Kwong

Julia Programming Cheat Sheet

JuliaNasser Abbasi
Julia & IJulia Cheat-sheetJulia, IJuliaMIT
Fast Track to JuliaJuliaGitHub
Excel Cheat SheetExcelTheOnTheNet
Hive Cheat Sheet - Hive BasicsHiveIntelliPaat
Machine Learning Algorithms Machine Learning, Python, R, AlgorithmsAnalytics Vidhya
Machine Learning Algorithms Cheat SheetMachine Learning, AlgorithmsSAS
Probability Cheat Sheetprobability, distribution, statisticsWilliam Chen & Joe Blitzstein
Data Science Cheat SheetData ScienceMaverick Lin
Trigonometry Cheat SheetTrigonometryPaul Dawkins
Linear Algebra Explained in 4 PagesLinear AlgebraIvan Savov
Data Transformation with dplyrData Transformation, dplyrR Studio
Machine Learning Cheat SheetMachine LearningSAS
Data Science Cheat SheetData Science, StatisticsMaverick Lin
Cassandra CQL Cheat SheetApache Cassandra, NoSQLedendekker
Pyspark Cheat SheetPyspark, Python, Spark, ApacheEureka
Django DRF Cheat SheetPython, DjangoCharles Thayer
Machine Learning with KNIMEMachine Learning, KNIMEKNIME
Building a KNIME Workflow Cheat SheetMachine Learning, KNIMEKNIME
Linux Commands Cheat SheetLinuxLinOxide
JVM Internals Cheat Sheet Part 2Java, JVMExtreme Automation
JVM Internals Cheat Sheet Part 1Java, JVMExtreme Automation
Java 8 w/ Lambda Cheat SheetJava, LambdaExtreme Automation
Java Programming Cheat SheetJavaPrinceton University
Hive Hortonworks Cheat SheetHiveHortonworks
Data Transformation with Stata Cheat SheetStrataDr. Tim Essam and Dr. Laura Hughes
Programming with Stata Cheat SheetStrataDr. Tim Essam and Dr. Laura Hughes
Plotting in Stata Cheat SheetStrataDr. Tim Essam and Dr. Laura Hughes
Data Visualization with Strata Cheat SheetStrataDr. Tim Essam and Dr. Laura Hughes
Data Analysis with Strata Cheat SheetStrata Dr. Tim Essam and Dr. Laura Hughes
Apache Solr Cheat SheetApache SolrSematext
Docker Cheat SheetDockerDocker
Scala Cheat SheetScalaScala
Neural Network GraphsNeural NetworksThe Asimov Institute
Python Cheat Sheet for NumPyPythonDatacamp
Jupyter Notebook Cheat SheetJupyter NotebookEdureka
Data Wrangling with dplyr and tidyrRR Studio
Python Cheat Sheet for MatplotlibPythonDatacamp

Python Scikit-Learn Cheat Sheet

TensorFlow v2.0 Cheat SheetTensorFlowAltoros Research

Kubernetes kubectl CLI Cheat Sheet


Altoros Research

Core Java Cheat SheetJavaSimran Aurora
PMBOK Guide 6th EditionProject ManagementPMI
Data Wrangling with PandasPandasPandas and Irv Lustig
Neural Networks Cheat SheetNeural NetworksThe Asimov Institute
Scala Cheat SheetScalaCrossing Tech
SAS Cheat SheetSASSAS Institute
JavaScript Cheat SheetJavaScriptCodeMio
Powershell Cheat SheetPowershellComparitech
Matlab Cheat SheetMatlabAstra

Python with R and Reticulate Cheat Sheet

Python, RR Studio
Cloud Services Cheat SheetCloudBas Van Kaam
Hadoop Cheat SheetHadoopIntellipaat
Network Programming with Perl Cheat SheetPerlComparitech
MySQL Cheat SheetMySQLComparitech
Power BI Cheat SheetPower BIMacaw
Beginner's Python Cheat SheetPythonEric Matthes
Tableau Cheat Sheet 2020TableauRaphael Teufel at Interworks
Google Cloud Developer's Cheat SheetGoogle CloudGreg Wilson
MicrosoftML:Algorithm Cheatsheet for R/PythonR Programming, PythonMicrosoft
Spacial Manipulation in R with sfR ProgrammingEdzer Pebesma
Python for Data SciencePythonDataCamp
Tour of Machine Learning AlgorithmsMachine LearningJason Brownlee, Machine Learning Mastery
Machine Learning Algorithm Cheat SheetMachine LearningMicrosoft
Azure Cosmos DB Cheat SheetAzure Cosmos DBMicrosoft
Control and Orchestration with KNIME Machine Learning, KNIMEKNIME
Hadoop and MapReduce Cheat SheetHadoop, MapReduceIntellipaat