Contingency Recruiting

Contingency Recruiting Search
Best for multiple similar roles
  • Discovery Call
  • Market Mapping
  • Prescreened Candidates
  • Compensation Analysis
  • Targeted Market Search
  • Access to Proprietary Networks
  • Reference Checks
  • Offer Negotiation
  • Guarantee
  • No upfront cost

Is Contingency Recruiting What You Need?

Hiring a technical resource can be a challenge for any organization. Most hiring managers use contingency recruiting services because finding the right person to fill a position is very difficult.

Making the wrong hire or not having the position filled can cost an organization months in productivity and tens of thousands of dollars.

Executive Levels has Contingency Recruiting Services that can help you find the best technical people and reduce the risk of making a bad hire and assist technical organizations to overcome the challenges presented by technical hiring in this market where there is an extreme shortage.

Typical Services Performed:

  • Discovery Call – Discuss your opening in greater detail; let us know your current challenges.
  • Market Mapping – Map out where, who, and how many candidates are available.
  • Prescreened Candidates – Prescreen candidates based on your specific customized technical needs.
  • Compensation Analysis – Utilize experience and salary resources to make sure the salary coincides with the marketplace.
  • Targeted Market Search – Use market mapping information to create multi-touch marketing campaigns.
  • Access to Proprietary Networks –  We access the database that we’ve built over 20+ years in addition to other typically unknown data and information resources.
  • Reference Checks – If requested, will complete reference checks.
  • Offer Negotiation – Will ensure both sides agree on an acceptable offer.
  • Guarantee – Guarantee of placement or we will replace the candidate.
  • No upfront cost – Due to the fact contingency services are not solely dedicated to one companies effort, there is no upfront cost.

When this would be a great fit for you:

  • Working with multiple recruiting companies
  • Position isn’t urgent but you need to fill
  • You provide the description
  • The role isn’t an executive role that requires complete dedication specific recruiting tactics

Based on your goals, Executive Levels can work with you to decide which would be more advantageous to filling your role.