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DataCamp is an online interactive learning platform for those wanting to be data scientists that offers free and paid training options. For someone beginning their data science career, this could be an option for practicing a few skills for free and learning a new language for a relatively low cost.

DataCamp Tracks and Courses

Who is DataCamp for?

For those that want to become data scientists and learn the main programming skills in R, Python, and SQL. DataCamp is also for those current data scientists who want to practice coding, join existing projects, and interact with a data science community that consists of all levels.

Just choose by skill or career track and follow the curriculum.

DataCamp Skill Tracks Dashboard

How does DataCamp work?

DataCamp uses the following methodology to teach each programming language:

  • Course learning via video tutorials.
  • Hands-on practice of what is learned as it guides through each assignment. There is live coding during the exercises!
  • Apply skills to real-world projects which can be used to show employers.
  • Skills assessments to measure how well a student mastered that skill and how well a student measures against others at that level.
DataCamp Skill Assessment
DataCamp skill assessment for an individual

Are DataCamp projects worth it?

Yes, DataCamp projects are worth it. The projects are created by over 270 instructors who work in the field. They create projects that are aimed at teaching the necessary skills in using real-world situations and examples.

With the free version of DataCamp, you can get involved with 7 projects and participate in ALL of the coding challenges. To get further involved, it does involve upgrading to one of the premium levels.

Can you receive a certification?

DataCamp has 2 Certifications. One for Data Science and one for a Data Analyst.  Both are industry recognized. These are earned once a course is completed. Just download the Statement of Accomplishment at no additional charge. They also have a way to share the certificate on LinkedIn.

What a user learns and creates outweighs the certificate.

Is DataCamp really free?

It’s like many services where there is a free component BUT it is limited. Users will have to pay to fully utilize the career tracks, skill track feature, and community.

To get started FOR FREE it’s definitely worth it to know if you want to continue:

  • Allow access to 6 courses (first chapter only)
  • Coding practice with the challenges
  • 1 skills assessment to test mastery
  • Access to tutorials and cheat sheets

What does DataCamp cost?

Outside of the free level, the DataCamp’s Premium level will run $25/month now that is BILLED YEARLY! You have to be very committed to pay upfront for an entire year and can commit to using the platform.

See below for pricing levels with the Basic, Premium, Teams, and Enterprise plans. All are billed yearly. They do offer discounts here and there if you search online.

Note that with just going one level up to Standard you still ONLY get the 7 projects but gain the mobile app courses and community in addition to unlimited skills assessments and many FULL COURSE tracks.

DataCamp Pricing

Is DataCamp worth it?

Like any training, one has to put the time, practice, and energy into it. It will definitely get your feet with but not enough with just the free version. You will have to pay to get the most out of it.

Participate in the 7 projects and challenges BUT after training elsewhere if looking for a completely free solution. The free option of DataCamp only get the first chapter from each course.

To get started and take advantage of a full skill track, then go for it and invest the $300! Relatively low for an ENTIRE YEAR of interactive hands-on training with projects and a community!!!

Pros of DataCamp

  • Relatively low cost
  • Can try before buy
  • Hands-on interactive learning to practice what is taught for each lesson
  • Active projects to get involved in and practice
  • Will help build knowledge and confidence in getting started in data science
  • Ability to assess skills and knowledge of the material
  • Community to interact with
  • Has a mobile version of the training with 5-minute coding challenges
  • Utilized by several Fortune 1000 companies
  • Has a business level to track and analyze the progress of employees

Cons of DataCamp

  • For the Standard paid level, only 7 projects allowed is a bit limiting
  • Best suited for beginners to mid-level programmers
  • DataCamp charges for the entire year (although not super pricey)
  • It will not really teach you the foundations you get from a college course as seen by some of the coding exercises that have some of the code pre-written

CONCLUSION – JOB WORTHY: DataCamp is absolutely worth it! You can definitely gain skills to use on the job, practice real-world projects, it’s AFFORDABLE, and you can refresh your current skills.

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