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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about working with Executive Levels.
Employer FAQ
What industries do you specialize in?

There is no specific industry, however, the majority of our requests come from software and technology-focused organizations. Please be sure to share what your personal goals, technologies, and industry preferences are.

You can also view a list of technical roles we recruit for within data science, analytics, cloud, and software.

How ensure the success of working together?

To ensure the success of the working relationship, we just ask for a few things:

  • Timely feedback on candidates (the industry moves fast). If someone is not looking, it doesn’t mean they aren’t getting contacted.
  • Be sure you know specifically what you need for your role and can communicate objectives and expected deliverables.
  • Be able to answer questions as we uncover information during our research that may impact or alter the search.
What is the fee structure?

We offer very competitive fees based on the technical recruiting industry. Depending on the position level and the number of openings will determine the actual fee.

For small companies, we are able to make it feasible to use Executive Levels services.

What is your communication process?

We are VERY big on communication! Let us know which mode of communication works best for you. There is always flexibility however the most commonly used methods are email, mobile, texting, and LinkedIn. If you use other messaging communication apps or software, that is also an option.

How do you carry out reference checks?

There are many areas that cover reference checks that need to be considered:

  1. Some companies have a “no reference” policy beyond the confirmation of working at said company, so former employees are the best we suggest. We aim to receive several options to contact across a candidate’s work history.
  2. When available, we obtain some form of documented reference.
  3. Most employers opt to do their own background check, however, we can conduct that if needed.

To get an idea of what can legally be obtained during a reference check please see State Laws on References and Statements By Former Employers.


Can you give me a candidate's salary history?

The short legal answer is no. Many states and local jurisdictions have banned asking salary information to prevent discriminatory intent and to comply with the Equal Pay Act.

If a candidate wishes to disclose that information and share it, then we can provide it for the future employer.

We are able to get what range they are expecting and compare with the experience, research, and data. In addition, it’s important to know with other benefits they are currently receiving in order to have our clients submit fair offers that are accepted.

How do you handle a unsuccessful hire or if the hired candidate leaves?

Despite the best efforts of both parties interviewing and screening, once in a blue moon there can be a hire that doesn’t work. We make sure your position is ultimately filled and our guarantee covers you!

What locations can we recruit for you?

We mainly recruit for companies who are looking for employees or staff in CA, DC, FL, MD, NJ, NY, PA, TX, VA, or remote openings. For remote roles we can recruit in any state.