Executive Engaged Search

Executive Engaged Search
Best for excutive and exclusive roles
  • Detailed Discovery Call
  • Customized Market Mapping
  • Prescreened Candidates
  • Compensation Analysis by Industry
  • Customized Market Search
  • Proprietary Executive Networks
  • Reference Checks
  • Offer Negotiation
  • Guarantee
  • Upfront cost

Is Executive Engaged Recruiting What You Need?

We use our deep knowledge and unique digital solutions to attract, engage and recruit top technical executive talent for our clients. When you need to fill an executive position, this is the most professional representation of your role to a potential candidate.

Typical Services Performed:

  • Detailed Discovery Call – This is a deep dive into the role, responsibilities, company, and ideal candidate profile.
  • Customized Market Mapping – A uniquely customized market map by skills and industry will be used.
  • Prescreened Candidates – You received prescreened candidates with a more detailed presentation profile.
  • Compensation Analysis by Industry – Compensation analysis by industry to determine the correct compensation package.
  • Customized Market Search –  A tailored market search is created based on the data from the market mapping and industry analysis.
  • Proprietary Executive Networks – We tap our executive network that is unique to our company specifically for engaged searches.
  • Reference Checks –  Complete reference checks are completed forwarded tailored to the role.
  • Offer Negotiation – We work through the entire negotiation process.
  • Guarantee – We guarantee our placements.
  • Upfront cost – Engagement fee to secure the services and dedicate resources.

When this would be a great fit for you:

  • Need to fill an executive position
  • Need to fill a position you want to keep discrete
  • Need assistance with description and process
  • Want to attract a certain caliber of candidate due to it being engaged (response is better)
  • Can be more involved with responding to submissions

When you need a focused effort on your specific role and exclusivity, Executive Levels can work with you to fill your executive role.