Is Cloud Development Hard To Learn? What You Need To Know

Cloud technology has been increasingly popular over the years, allowing software developers to test and deploy their work on a cloud instead of a single server. So, it is no wonder many aspiring developers are looking forward to learning cloud development. And if you are passionate about studying modern technology, cloud development is definitely a subject that might catch your interest. 

Cloud development is relatively hard to learn. To become a cloud developer, you need to have prior knowledge in various development skills, such as programming and API design. Although it is highly technical, cloud development is highly valuable in the market and has a lot of career opportunities especially with certifications.

Despite being such a complex subject, many enthusiasts are still looking forward to learning it. If you are aiming to learn more about cloud development, read on. This article will: 

  • Guide you on how you can learn cloud development
  • Explore the challenges and benefits of learning cloud development
  • Give you a heads up on the career opportunities for cloud developers.
  • Help you understand the traits of an excellent cloud developer. 

How Can You Learn Cloud Development? 

Various platforms are offering free courses that teach cloud development for novice programmers and seasoned professionals. These courses vary in coverage and features. 

Here are some of the platforms that offer free courses to learn cloud development: 

Google Cloud

Google Cloud training allows you to choose a learning path depending on what field of cloud development you want to learn. This free course offers online video content, along with a certification of completion. You get to know various topics, such as Cloud Storage, Cloud Datastore, App Engine, and many more. 

Once you have finished the training courses in the learning path you chose, you can proceed with the certification to validate your cloud expertise. Google Cloud Certification fees range from $99 to $200, depending on your level. A cloud certification is highly valuable in the market and makes it easier for you to secure a job as a cloud developer. 

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure has a straightforward way of teaching cloud development. You can simply go to the Microsoft Learn page, and you’ll see several learning modules – all for free. 

Their training materials cover beginner to advanced studies, which is perfect for aspiring cloud developers. 

Despite having free training courses, you would need to pay for Azure’s certification. The examination price ranges from $99 up to $165, depending on your level. Earning your cloud certification opens a lot of career opportunities for you to grow and explore.  

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon also has its own platform that offers cloud development training courses. The several courses provided by AWS vary in difficulty, coverage, and overall content. However, not all courses found in AWS are free; some of them must be bought online. 

Just like Microsoft Azure, AWS also has a certification for aspiring cloud developers to build their credibility in the market. However, AWS Certification is relatively more expensive, ranging from $100 to $300, depending on your level. 

What Are the Challenges of Learning Cloud Development? 

As expected from such a sophisticated subject, there are various challenges you can encounter when learning cloud development. Sometimes, these challenges could leave you discouraged, never wanting to continue your cloud development journey. That is why it is essential to be aware of the different problems that could hinder your cloud development training. 

Here are some of the common challenges of learning cloud development: 

  • Internet speed. Internet connection could be an issue since studying and practicing cloud development requires a high-speed network. 
  • Cost. Not all cloud development training courses are free. In addition, you also need to have access to prerequisite courses prior to studying cloud development. Lastly, cloud certification exams are also expensive, ranging from $99 to $300 depending on what platform you are using and your level of expertise. Cloud certifications are essential in building your credibility as an expert in cloud services. 
  • Security risks. Security is among the most common concerns when it comes to cloud development. Whether you are an experienced or beginner cloud developer, cloud services always impose significant hacking and data breaches risks. 
  • Test of passion and perseverance. Learning cloud development will be incredibly difficult if you are not passionate nor interested in cloud services. Learning even the fundamentals of this subject would take weeks or months to understand fully. 

What Are the Benefits of Learning Cloud Development? 

Just like any other skill, learning cloud development also has several advantages. These advantages are what make cloud development learning a fun experience. The benefits of learning cloud development are: 

  • It makes you more knowledgeable in information technology. 
  • It keeps you updated on modern computer trends.
  • It opens many career opportunities as a cloud developer.
  • It helps provide business ideas related to cloud services.
  • It provides a deeper understanding of how cloud services work in general.

What Are the Career Opportunities for Cloud Developers? 

Mastering the basics and advanced cloud development courses opens new doors for your career growth. Landing a job as a cloud developer is probably one of your main goals for studying cloud development. 

Learning cloud development makes you qualified for jobs, such as: 

  • Cloud Engineer
  • Cloud Data Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Cloud Security Engineer
  • Cloud Support Engineer
  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Developer
  • Cloud Administrator
  • Cloud Database Engineer

How To Become an Excellent Cloud Developer

To become an excellent cloud developer, you must be fluent in the various topics related to cloud development. A cloud developer must possess the right skillset to produce high-quality output and excel on cloud services. 

A cloud developer must possess these development and cloud-specific skills:  

  • Programming
  • API Design
  • Databases
  • Scripting
  • Java, Scala, Python
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Systems architecture and design
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Microservices


Learning a new skill is not always as easy as it seems, just like in cloud development, where the topics tend to be more complex. Fortunately, the various training courses available online make it easier to learn this subject. 

Overall, learning cloud development is a great way to broaden our knowledge of Information Technology. Despite the different challenges present when it comes to learning cloud development, it is definitely a fun and exciting subject to study. If you are looking for a way to improve or change your career, learning cloud development is undoubtedly something you should try.