Is Data Science a Safe Career? What You Need To Know

Modern technology is advancing at a rapid pace, creating several career opportunities for tech enthusiasts. Data science is among jobs created along with technology advancement, and it is one of the most growing fields of study in the early 21st century. In recent years, however, many people have started questioning the stability of data science as a career. 

Data science is a safe career because it continues to be one of the most high-demand jobs today. This field of study is likely to stay despite the automation advancement as scientists continue to develop better technology and perform judgments that no automation in the world can do better.

If you’re an aspiring data scientist and are worried about the future of this career, read on. This article will look into the risks and advantages of working as a data scientist. Furthermore, I’ll also discuss the various career opportunities related to data science. 

Reasons Data Science Is a Safe Career

Despite the fears of automation taking over data science, various studies have proven its stability as a career. Although automation might significantly impact data science, it would not be enough to depreciate its value in the market. 

Here are 3 reasons why data science is a stable career choice

  • Automation is a superior technology that empowers data scientists to do more. It might take over some of the duties of data scientists, but this transition would also open new opportunities for them. 
  • Automation might provide better and faster work than humans, but it’s also prone to committing errors. Errors are more likely to happen without proper verification from data scientists. That’s why data science is essential in making sure automated devices are working correctly. 
  • Automation can’t perform human judgment. There are situations when human judgment is required, like when a decision must be made according to the business’ policy or preference. This situation requires the expertise of data scientists to make such decisions. 

Data Science Is In-Demand

Despite the various speculations about the future of data science, it is still seen among the most demanded jobs today. Different industries require the expertise of data scientists to help with their operations. Because of this, several job vacancies are waiting for both experienced and aspiring data scientists. 

Moreover, data science has already proven its worth as a high-paying job. The projected growth of data science in the market is roughly 31% up to 2029. 

What Is the Risk of Data Science as a Career?

Data science is undoubtedly a safe career to work in. However, it still imposes some risks in the future, leaving aspiring data scientists worried about whether or not to pursue it. 

The risk of pursuing data science as a career is the development of easy-to-use tools. Once these easy-to-use data science tools will be fully developed, the demand for data scientists is at risk. With these tools, even data science beginners may perform the role of trained data scientists. 

What is the typical salary range for a data analyst job in the field of data science?

The average data analyst salaries in the field of data science typically range from $50,000 to $120,000 per year, depending on factors such as location, experience, and company size. Data analysts with specialized skills or advanced degrees may earn higher salaries within this range.

Career Opportunities for Data Science

Data science is a popular career choice for those passionate about technology. Interestingly, there are several job opportunities related to data science

Here are the career choices: 

  • Data scientist
  • Machine learning engineer
  • Machine learning scientist
  • Applications architect
  • Enterprise architect
  • Data architect
  • Infrastructure architect
  • Data engineer
  • Business intelligence (BI) developer
  • Statistician
  • Data analyst

Advantages of Working as a Data Scientist

As part of the most demanded jobs today, it’s no wonder being a data scientist has many advantages. And these perks are what make data science a more interesting career choice for many people. 

Here are the benefits of working as a data scientist: 

  • A data scientist is highly valuable. Since data science is a high-demand job, you would have many career opportunities working as a data scientist. You won’t fear losing your job since data science is essential in running most industries we have today. 
  • Data science pays a high salary. Because of the incredible expertise and amount of study required to work as a data scientist, it is no wonder this job pays a lot. Working as a data scientist has a median salary of $98,230. The more experience you gain, the better your salary moving forward.
  • It offers various career opportunities. Working as a data scientist exposes you to various career opportunities, and you don’t get to work in a single industry. Data science gives you the chance to work in different industries, and the possibilities are endless. 
  • You can work with big companies. Another perk of being a data scientist is you get the chance to work in big companies, such as Apple, Amazon, and many more. Large companies also need qualified data scientists to work for them. Landing a job in some of the world’s biggest companies is a great way to advance your career. 

How To Learn Data Science

There are several ways you can learn data science. Various training courses that teach data science are available online. 

These training courses vary in difficulty and overall content. Some of them are free, while others should be purchased. Here are some of the online courses that teach data science

In the end, despite the speculations about the future of data science, various studies have proven that data science is a safe career to pursue. Automation might impose a threat to data scientists, but working in this field also offers tons of opportunities, and the possibilities are endless. 

There are several career paths you can choose from related to data science, and working in these industries provides you with great perks. Lastly, it’s a safe and fascinating career choice that’s perfect for those wanting to have a stable career in the future.