Seeker FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about working with Executive Levels.
What industries do you specialize in?

There is no specific industry, however, the majority of our requests come from software and technology-focused organizations. Please be sure to share what your personal goals, technologies, and industry preferences are.

You can also view a list of technical roles we recruit for within data science, analytics, cloud, and software.

What will happen after you receive my resume?

First, it is important to know your resume is COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL!  When you send your resume a few things will happen.

  • If you submit your resume for a specific opening, you will receive a notification of receipt. It will be reviewed for the proper fit and an initial call will be scheduled ASAP. The process will start from there.
  • If you submit your resume for something that is NOT posted, you will receive a notification of receipt. We will then match it against anything we do not have posted. Based on the information you supply, we can also check against our client base openings and additional hiring authorities. Many times will reach out to gather supplemental information to help select roles that would be the best suited for you.
Who sees my resume?

The only other entity that views your resume (with permission from you) is HR and the hiring authority of the specific company that has the opening.  This only happens once you decide to move forward.

We do not share information or resumes with other companies. You would have to give us permission do to so.

That is an ethical rule we stick by!!

Do I have to pay you a fee?

Not at all. If someone charges a fee for you to find you a job, that is NOT the norm and pretty sure illegal in some areas. There should not be application fees associated with finding you a job or charging you for services that are supposed to “help you” find a job they are working with.

If you need assistance with your resume, we will do that for free.

What is your communication process?

We take a big issue with companies not communicating with candidates or leaving them hanging! That is the complete opposite of how we work. You will be notified of every step, even it’s a small change or detail. You deserve the respect we are asking for as well. It’s a partnership!