Which Data Science Bootcamps Have Job Placement?


Data Science Bootcamps are great for a career boost. Most people who joined Bootcamps find it much easier to find a job at the end.  Some Bootcamps come with job guarantees to further improve one’s career prospects. As you found yourself here, I’d like to assume you want to know more about these lucrative boot camps with job guarantees.

General Assembly is a good example of a boot camp with a job placement network. The post-grad hiring network should allow you to get a job as soon as you graduate. It also comes with scholarships.

Every boot camp won’t complement a particular person’s skillset, so it is important to choose the most promising one. Before you join a boot camp, ask yourself these questions, which data science bootcamps come with a job guarantee? Are the graduation requirements favorable? Are there any hidden prerequisites? I’ll help explain how all these things work.

Are Data Science Bootcamps Worth it?

Yes, Data Science Bootcamps are certainly worth it. As you already know, data science is a field known for its complexity. It is exceedingly hard to self-learn all of the skills in this field. That’s why systematic guidance from data science bootcamps helps a lot by increasing a person’s competency and career prospects.

Data Science Bootcamps are intensive programs that offer extensive tutoring sessions. They usually offer several project-based courses where you can get tons of experience. It ultimately comes down to how much you can learn from these boot camps to develop your skills.

The best thing about such bootcamps is their employment network and connections. Most boot camps will provide you with tools and connections to land a job right after graduating from their program. That is why post-grads of data science boot camps usually never have to worry about getting a job.

A good data science boot camp will expose you to a lot of business cases and real-world projects. That should help you garner a lot of experience and sharpen your ability to perform data-related tasks in the field. They will also offer guidance for improving your fundamental data and statistics-related skills.

Best Data Science Bootcamps with a Job Guarantee

Finding reliable data science bootcamps isn’t easy, so here are some examples of top-quality training. You can choose one from this list, or you could use them as examples to help you understand what you should be looking for in a solid bootcamp.

1. Thinkful

Total Cost: $18,500

Thinkful is a full-time data science bootcamp. It has fairly entry easy conditions, which make it a top choice for people looking for flexibility. It is a project-based program that comes with one-on-one mentorship. There is a prep course that must be completed to be admitted into the program.

Thinkful has a vast employment network, so you don’t need to worry about post-grad employment. There are a few conditions for the employment contract. You need to have a decent grasp of written and spoken English, the ability to legally work within the US or Canada, and live close enough to major cities for commuting purposes.

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2. General Assembly

Total Cost – $15,950

General Assembly is one of the oldest sources that offer data science, coding bootcamps. They prioritize training skill-sets that have the highest demand in the contemporary market. It also offers free introductory material on product management, data science, coding language, and statistical analysis.

It has an extensive post-grad employment network. It also has both full-time and part-time programs and an online program. It is one of the most convenient programs out there. It also gives you the chance to join data science workshops for more practical experience.

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3. Springboard

Total Cost – $6,600 but if you pay upfront you get a 17% discount making it $5,500

Springboard aims to empower its students with skills that complement the latest technology. Their data science bootcamp is among the most extensive courses on the market.  It is called the data science career track, and it has a five hundred-hour curriculum.

It is primarily an online-based course with expert mentors. Peer interaction and learning are also something that springboard actively facilitates. You will get to experience real projects, which should help immensely increase your experience in the field. You also get a money-back guarantee.

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4. NYC Academy of Data Science

Total Cost – $17,600

NYC Academy of Data Science offers an advanced data science boot camp. They teach a plethora of high-demand application skills. Their employment network is extensive, and they also collaborate with companies to present their students on a larger scale.

The data science bootcamp also helps participants gather experience of mock interviews. You can learn about statistical analysis, linear regression, data management, and a whole host of other useful things.

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5. CodeUp

Total Cost – $27,500

Codeup is a comprehensive bootcamp for training in data science for an entry or mid-level role. The program teaches you how to use Python and SQL to collect, clean, analyze, model, and communicate data using mathematics, statistics, and programming.

The program is designed to give you hands-on training, covering topics like statistics, machine learning, data visualization, data analysis, and big data. In the end, there is a capstone project based on domain expertise.

The curriculum includes live demonstration and practice problems so students will have plenty of hands-on experience. They also facilitate introductions for prospective companies to help further develop your career path by working directly with their career coaches and recruiting teams.

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Best Programming Languages for a Data Science Bootcamp

Data science bootcamps generally start by teaching new students about Python. It is a versatile language that offers a lot of flexibility. After newcomers have a certain degree of mastery over Python, they move on to R and SQL.


Python is probably the most widely used language for data scientists. It is easy-to-use, open-source, and it is something newbies can grasp effortlessly. It is one of the best choices for data manipulation, which is why it is so popular.


R is a programming language for statistics and graphics. It also has a lot of analytical use in data science. It is a high-level programming language, so people need a lot of time before they can master it.


SQL is primarily a data management language. It is one of the best domain-specific languages for manipulating, storing, and managing a relational database. There are a vast amount of database-related languages out there, but most of the Bootcamps will focus on only one or two.

To train for free in each of these languages, please check out the database of data training courses.

How to Choose the Right Data Science Bootcamp

Now, you might be wondering what to look for when choosing a data science bootcamp. There are a few important points you can check to see if a boot camp meets your needs. Let’s check them out.

Employment options

An employment guarantee is one of the most crucial things you need to check before applying for a boot camp. Usually, any decent data science boot camp will have post-grad employment options available.

Learning environment

Peer interaction is one of the fundamental features of boot camps. You need to join a boot camp that encourages learning from other students.

Flexible Schedule

Schedule flexibility goes without saying. If the schedule does not match, you won’t be able to make the most out of a boot camp. Keep looking till you find a boot camp that fits with your time, there are a lot of options.


I hope that helped you figure out which data science boot camps come with job placement. Both online and offline boot camps have guaranteed job placement or employment networks. I have found that online boot camps generally tend to have more favorable regulations than on-site bootcamps.

Data science Bootcamps are only as good as your comprehensive ability. They are personalized training programs. They will offer everyone the same treatment and opportunities to learn useful skills. What you can take away from these boot camps depends entirely on you. Be sure to practice what you learn!