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Data and Software Training

Failing to find training? You may feel overwhelmed and lost, not knowing where to start your search for data science training or software training. You will look for and try multiple resources, often ending up all over the place. By searching these resources, you can make start with a list of the best places to find data science, machine learning, full-stack, and analytics courses. You can then choose the ones that are the most effective for you!



Practice Participate Data Projects (1)

The Practice & Participate list allows you to locate sites to collaborate, practice coding, use already created code to sharpen your skills. It’s hard to find sites with practice projects and open source code, especially for beginners.  Practice projects are essential for programming newbies and experts alike who want to keep other skills sharp!  You need to gain experience from doing real-world projects. Practicing and participating helps you find great project ideas, the ability to form teams, share code, and discuss programming problems, other resources, and tips.